Sally Amelia Evans, proud owner of Amelia Salon LLC is a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor and Trichologist, specializing in revitalizing damaged hair and working with those with disorders and dis-eases of the hair and scalp. Her focus is on helping women grow and maintain healthy hair, because she believes hair is not just an extension of our personal fashion sense; it’s a reflection of our overall health.

Sally’s passion is not only behind the chair, but also for the industry itself. Sally has been working in the industry for over 21 years. After years working as an apprentice cosmetologist at Hair Clinic Salon, she decided to begin preparing and executing her plan, to own, operate and manage her own hair salon. The plan materialized in 2004 as the doors of Amelia Salon opened.

Sally is also supremely product knowledgeable and consistently stays in the know with regard to hair loss and treatments, techniques and applications by taking every advantage of any opportunity to enroll in various training courses and seminars. One such training included her enrollment at Trenholm State Community College where she successfully trained to become an Instructor of Cosmetology.

In an effort to further develop her skill-set holistically she trained with The National Trichology Training Institute in Stockbridge, Georgia, where she graduated Valedictorian and received the Ambassador Award for her perspective state. Adding to her list of certifications, she’s also a Certified Trichology Practitioner. Not stopping there, Sally also trained at The National Hair Academy in Orlando, Florida to become a Certified Medical Hair Loss Specialist to perform non-surgical hair replacement. It is this level of expertise that has attracted many professional people to her salon for their hair care needs.

Her specialties include client consultations, hair and scalp analysis, hair and scalp exfoliation, hair integration, natural/relaxed hair styling, Trichology, health and wellness. A complimenting combination of style, creativity, class and vision makes Sally Evans a pioneering force in the hair care industry whose presence will certainly affect the art of cosmetology, and more importantly the way in which clients experience cosmetology. You can be assured that she will provide you with personal attention to address your particular needs of your hair.