Is Your Salon Protecting Your Health?

Disinfecting Implements

When choosing a Hair Salon, always choose a salon that is licensed with the Board of Cosmetology, and a State licensed stylist. In Alabama, if your salon and stylists is not licensed, they are breaking the law; moreover, they could be putting your health in jeopardy.

Next time you visit your favorite stylist, pay attention to the things they are doing and ask yourself, “What are they doing to protect my health?”

If you’re stylist isn’t practicing proper sanitation and disinfection in their day to day operations, they could be putting your health at risk. One of the primary things you should be concerned with is: Are they cleaning their Implements! In cosmetology, Implements are the tools that they used to clean and style your hair.

These tools include:

  1. Combs
  2. Brushes
  3. Capes
  4. Clippers
  5. Towels


Fungi, Bacteria, and Viruses can be transmitted from client to client by these tools. You’ve probably heard of someone getting a nail fungus from a nail salon; well, the same, and even worse can be transmitted in hair salons. There is no way to know the health of the person that was serviced before you. They could have a bacterial or fungal infection of the scalp that could be inadvertently spread to you. This could further complicate things if you have an existing medical condition, especially if you are living with an autoimmune disorder such as Lupus, Sarcoidosis, or HIV.

Be Vigilant in Protecting Your Health

To protect your health, your stylist should not reuse these tools between clients without cleaning them properly. For example, in the case of combs, the stylist should be:

  1. Removing the debris from combs
  2. Placing them in soapy water
  3. Scrubbing them clean with a brush
  4. Letting them air dry
  5. Soaking them in Barbicide
  6. Rinsing them with water
  7. Letting them air dry, again
  8. And storing them in an airtight container

If you’re not sure that your stylist is practicing this – STOP AND QUESTION THEM IMMEDIATELY! Don’t just concern yourself with a style, but be vigilant in protecting your health.

Don’t Take Chances – Let Us Serve You

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