Looking for a Natural Hair Salon in Montgomery AL?

Natural Hair Updo Making the transition to natural hair can be a nerve wrecking experience. The biggest fears for many black women thinking about going natural is: “Will I still be attractive with shorter hair (twa)?” The fear can be paralyzing. On top of that, a lot of stylist have invested years into traditional relaxed styles, many just aren’t versed in caring for natural black hair. And because natural hair salons in Montgomery AL are so hard to find, many women resort to inaccurate and unreliable sources for information, like:

1. Books by authors that lack professional education and credentials.
2. Youtube videos by amateurs with little to no understanding of hair.
3. Bloggers who focus on style, not hair and scalp health.
4. Or friends/family who don’t understand what it takes to properly transition, grow, and maintain natural hair.

Your hair is a symbol of your beauty and health; so make the investment to care for it properly! Let a trained professional guide your transition, maintenance, and growth!

Our stylist, Sally Evans, is a Cosmetology Instructor, licensed with the Alabama Board of Cosmetology. She has over 21 years of experience behind the styling chair, and training other stylists. As a Certified Trichology Practitioner, she knows and understands what it takes to help you grow beautiful natural hair. She can show you how small changes in your diet and nutrition, can help you improve your hair and your overall well-being. So if you’re looking for a professional natural hair salon in Montgomery AL, look no further – Amelia Salon is the place for you!